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What is the most important quality of a CPA firm, is it timing or accuracy or knowledge or experience, some people will say All, but what if you have to choose just one quality, what would you choose

We at Elite Accounting Group will definitely choose Experience                                      

Because with experience we build our knowledge, improve our accuracy and achieve the perfect timing in delivering our services, this is what it is all about

We are in business since 1998; we have more than 20 years experience in computers, networks and databases, we are proficient in QuickBooks Accounting Software with more than 16 years of experience and QuickBooks Online with more than 10 years Of Experience

Annual participation in Continuing Professional Education courses offered by local chapters of national accounting and tax associations keeps our firm on the leading edge of ever-changing tax laws and accounting methods.

Computerized offices and internet access ensures clients accurate, efficient, state-of-the-art service at a competitive price.

Adapting new technologies to expand the speed, ease and accuracy of our services without increasing the cost on our clients.

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