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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online (QBO) is the market leader in accounting software in the Cloud and it is gaining a lot of popularity because it meets the modern technology trends , ease of use , versatile functionality , no costly network infrastructure , no software to install and maintain and no data loss and corruption.

QBO is like the QuickBooks Desktop must be initially setup correctly to ensure accurate information reporting and to avoid the cost associated with fixing and reevaluate the integrity of the financial information and records after the fact

We at Elite accountants Group are using the QBO since 2005 helping our clients in implementing, training and using it, to achieve this goal we provide following during your QBO Setup   

  • Studying and fully understand your workflow paper cycle
  • Studying your financial reporting needs
  • Design the chart of accounts, and implementing all Accounting services used by your business  including but not limited to (A/R , A/P , Inventory and payroll)
  • Entering opening balance for all accounts  as of the agreed upon QuickBooks launch date
  • Creating your customize Invoice  template to be used by your business including creating your Logo if needed
  • Designing your requested reports to help achieving your goals and monitoring your financial health
  • Setup users and access credentials for each one to ensure the security of the financial information  
  • Ensure all opening balances entered into the QuickBooks Matches your old system ending balances to ensure a smooth transition
  • Finally we train you and your designated employees how to use the system and how to maintain it including the backup and restore processes, creating accountant and condensed copies …ETC

Follow up services

  • After setting up the system and you are up and running we follow up with you to make sure that you are in the Right Track and recommend changes if needed to ensure smooth and accurate data entry taking into consideration your staff time and ease of use without affecting the integrity of the system

We review your data in a monthly or quarterly or annual basis (as desired) to help and maintain your financial information as healthy as it can be and to ensure the data is ready when the tax  preparation time is due